Bargain Town © (drama short script excerpt)




She pauses in place.


   Her name is Jelly.

Julia breaks into a smile. The door closes behind Kay and

Bill watches as she disappears into the night.


   Isn’t that a funny name for a dog,




Bill ignores her, turning the dead bolt into place on the



The SOUNDS of crickets and bull frogs fill the air. Kay looks

through an atlas, circling information as the touch light

dims. Jelly lets out a low moan beside her.


   You hungry?

The dog lies prone, no interest in the question. Kay gives

the dog an absent-minded rub and turns the page of her book.

The next long moan brings Kay onto her elbows and she looks

with concern closely at Jelly.

Kay reaches into her bag and pulls out a cookie. She holds

it to Jelly who does not lift her head. She locates a

prescription bottle in the side pocket and studies it for a

long moment, sizes up the dog.

          KAY (CONT'D)

       (feeling its girth)

   What are you clocking in at these

   days? You at your fighting weight?

Checking the label again, she bites a pill in half and then

bites the half in half.

Kay presses the quarter pill into the dog’s mouth and clasps

her muzzle shut. Kay pours water into the frisbee next to

the dog but the animal doesn’t drink.

Kay lies down next to Jelly and taps the light off.

          KAY (CONT'D)

   Let’s get some sleep.


With their tent nestled in the distance, Jelly waits at the

bank as Kay swims to shore.

          JULIA (O.S.)


Julia runs toward them from an old white farmhouse at a

crazed pace in her pajama’s and slippers. Kay quickly pulls

on clothes as the girl approaches.

She places her arm protectively around the dog as Julia

stops/slides into the grass near Jelly, out of breath.


   Hey, go easy. The doggie’s not

   feeling so good.

Julia watches Jelly for signs of illness before tentatively

reaching out past Kay’s arm for a gentle touch. Kay is

impressed by the child’s tenderness.

          KAY (CONT'D)

   Yeah, like that. That’s nice.

Kay sits down on the grass next to them and roughly squeezes

the excess water from her hair. She is noticeably cleaner

and shows evidence that she probably used to be beautiful.

She glances at the white farm house in the distance.

          KAY (CONT'D)

   Does your Grandpa know you’re out



   Not yet.

Kay takes the girl in fully. She is slight; bed head messy

with soft, puffy eyes.

          JULIA (CONT'D)

   What’s wrong with her?


   I’m not sure.

Julia stops petting Jelly and puts her attention on Kay.

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